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Mental illness is a constant, unrelenting struggle to which my sense of reality is irrevocably tied. The pull of ceaseless darkness threatening to drag me under, alongside a perpetual cycle of irrational thoughts puts me at constant odds with my rational mind. An exploration of the duality between the bleak qualities of emotional instability, and the lightness of escapism, my work embodies the coping mechanisms necessary to manage living with an unbalanced mind.


Utilizing traditional ceramic kitsch with a personal twist, I create physical responses to these tumultuous emotional struggles. The empty sentimentalities of Hallmark figurines and other kitsch objects generate a calculated emotional response for the viewer; one where the machine-manufactured object, meant only for purchase and consumption, tells you how to feel. Rather than the detached nature of commercialized knickknacks and trinkets, my work injects substance into kitsch. Employing techniques of self-portraiture through caricature, my work juxtaposes the adorable sweetness of a handmade ceramic object against the mass-produced nature of store-bought figurines.


Because the realities of my experiences with anxiety and depression are often grim and uncomfortable to grapple with, I use cuteness and humor as an entry point. Dark undertones accompanied by a light-hearted atmosphere break the stigma surrounding mental illness by making it more palatable. By contrasting heavy and serious topics with cute sculptures and imagery, I translate the manifestations of my symptoms into a more digestible format.

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